What Is Erotic? 2017


What Is Erotic? presents...

What Awaits YOU in the Forest?

2017 Show Dates:
Feb 10, 11, 17, 18, 19 in Santa Cruz
Feb 14 (Tuesday) in San Jose @ The Hammer Theater! Valentine’s show!

An innocent camping trip turns into an erotic adventure when three friends stumble onto the secret passions of the magical forest, arousing more than just curiosity in the seductive satyrs, naughty nymphs and frisky fairies who live there. As the campers stray deeper into the woods, humans and magical creatures alike find themselves bound in ways they hadn't anticipated.

Inspired by performers' own desires and answers to our one provocative and personal question, What Is Erotic? creates original performance work that will leave you SPELLBOUND.


“Fun, Bawdy…Festive and Daring!” ~Good Times Weekly

What Is Erotic?...Answering One Provocative Question through original dance and theater.

Every fall The 418 Project invites people of all experience levels, from professional performance artists to those with no stage experience, to apply for What Is Erotic?, The 418 Project’s largest performance mentorship program. Now in its second decade, WIE has mentored hundreds of people, been seen by thousands, and is The 418 Project’s most successful fundraiser.

WIE mentorship participants receive five months of in-depth coaching and direction as they prepare to bring their personal content to the stage. Whether through dance, spoken word, theatre performance, or volunteering for the show in other ways, WIE participants experience a safe space to reach deep, sometimes into edgy or personal material, and be seen in a highly professional and supportive environment that fosters artistic and personal growth and expression.

What Is Erotic? provides artistic growth opportunities, whether a participant is involved once or over a span of years. An audience member can become a performer, a stagehand a writer, a dancer a costumer, production assistant or choreographer, as individual artistic strengths are fostered.

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